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Getting ahead, with the power of SEO Services

Search engine optimisation, or SEO is the ability to be found on search tools, such as Google or Bing without the needing to pay. We call this organic search.

There are two forms of search marketing; organic, where you invest time in optimising your website, and pay per click where you optimise ads to drive traffic to your website, you then pay for each time a user clicks on your ad.

They key is to be found on search sites such as Google under the key phrases that your visitors would use. For example, we would want to be found under terms such as ‘SEO Services‘ or ‘Lead Generation Companies

Increased Visibility

Ensuring you can be found across multiple search terms can help you be found by more users online. One topic can be searched in many ways.

Optimised Content

Content is king when it comes to search, but this goes beyond words on a page, and can include infographics, videos and podcasts.

An Informed Audience

When people search, they are typically looking for an answer to a problem. Providing insights can help you be seen as a knowledge leader.

SEO Services: be easily found by those looking for you

Because we all want to be on Page One of Google. Get ahead of your online competitors.

SEO Services: be easily found by those looking for you

Because we all want to be on Page One of Google. Get ahead of your online competitors.

Improving SEO is one goal, maintaining is another...

We can structure your site and pages to rank higher than they do currently, or maintain your existing presence.
Our mission is to help you go further than your competitors.

What makes SEO Services so great?

You don’t have to have your website hosted with KAYBE in order to take advantage of our great SEO packages.
What set’s us apart from the rest?

Rank Tracking

We monitor fluctuations in your search visibility, and measure your total digital presence. 

New or Established

We can build on or manage an existing SEO strategy, or we can start from scratch.

Full Journey Tracking

We set up and measure goals for your business, from purchasing goods through to online enquiries.

Optimised Content

Developing content which is loved by search engines, and people(!) getting you found online.

Bot Management

Management of tools such as search consoles and sitemaps, ensuring they function as expected.

Dedicated Manager

A dedicated KAYBE MegaMarketeer who is able to manage, improve and report on your SEO Service package.

Is your content a help or a hinder for SEO?

Let’s analyse your existing content and make improvements in order to get the results you expect.

Why do businesses rely on SEO Services?​

There is a lot of users and traffic online, all looking for for services and products. Never before has such a wealth of information been so readily available at our fingertips.

Entrusting in SEO Services enables you to ensure your business is found. It is likely that you came to this page from a search engine, even if you knew our company name from a recommendation, it is unlikely that you put in our web address so we needed to be sure that we were the first business you saw when searching for us.

Your questions, answered

A good question and one that requires a bit of detail so bear with… There are fundamentally two solutions  that we offer:

Full Audit and Report:
For this, we look at your whole website, along with all your other contributing digital assets (in English, this means things like your social media channels etc.) We review how easy it is for a user to find you, not only for your brand terms but also for key search terms.

We compile all of the audit, which takes several days, and then play this back to you in a report. We can their either leave this with you to implement on your website in your own time, or if you wish, we can build a schedule, set out our targets and  then look to implement the recommendations on your website.

You don’t need to have had your website built by us. It could even be being hosted by another company, and we’d still be able to undertake the audit. It’s worth noting that we would need access to your Google Analytics account (if you have one) and if you wanted us to implement the recommendations then we would also need access to your CMS (or Content Management System). We can talk you through how we work in order to keep things secure for your business.

The first package carries carry a higher up-front cost, as we don’t have the ability to spread it out over the months that implement the changes required to gain a page one position on Google. Depending on the size of your site, the costs are usually between £1,000 and £5,000, per audit.

Ongoing Search Optimisation and Maintenance
The second option is where we manage the ongoing optimisation for your website, ensuring we get you to a good position, and help you maintain it. This is the most popular option for our existing clients who have chosen us as their supplier for their website design.

We would do the audit, and report, similarly to what we outlined above, but we then build out a plan of implementation and delivery.

In addition to this, we would keep our eye on changes that Google announce, and then update you on our recommendations, seeing your approval before implementing them.

Typically the costs for the second package are between £800 and £3,500 per month, with some instances being higher, depending on your requirements and the amount of work involved to either establish or improve your current position.

You have the choice to be as hands-on or as hands-off as you like. Some customers like us to ensure that they approve each and every recommendation we make before implementing it, which is no problem at all as we have an approval process internally, while others are happy for us to touch base once a month or maybe even once a quarter to discuss their SEO position.

While managing your account, we will look at a number of different components. The selection of what we focus on will be unique to each client’s account. Broadly, it includes:

Site Architecture
This is things like the URL structure, how your site is put together, and ensuring any data that visits exchange with you, is done so securely. We also ensure that the page tags and meta descriptions (these are the little snippets you see on search results that help you choose what links are relevant) are accurate and optimised.

Hosting Environment
We routinely test how your server is responding to requests. This includes the page speed, and load times across both mobile devices and desktops.

We undertake in-depth research on ways users are looking for services you offer, and then weigh up the difficulty in achieving a page one position Vs the volume of users searching for that key-term or phrase. We then go on to measure and improve the density of each key-term on the relevant pages, while ensuring the website is still human friendly (something which is often forgotten!)
Conversion Rates/CRO/Goal Completions
Depending on your business model, you will have different goals you want to achieve. If you sell cosmetics for example you will want to increase the number of completed transactions. If you offer a service (like us!) then you’ll want to optimise the journey for the number of visitors who go on to make an enquiry.
This is a step often forgotten, as generating traffic is one thing, but converting and ensuring the value is truly measurable is another.

The success of search engine (like Google) depends on ensuring the results they serve are relevant. Search engines are continually learning from what users enter in order to gain a greater understanding of how we as users search for what we are looking for 🧐

A well optimised website is crucial in order to ensure that you are chosen by bots first when up against your competitors. This does however mean that once you are where you want to be, ideally on page one, then you need to ensure you stay at the top of your game in order to maintain this position and not be overtaken by competition.

Let’s remove search from the equation for a moment, and look at every day life; the more people refer you, or recommend what you do, then the more trusted you become. This is the same for search. Others linking to your website, talking with you on social or referring your products or services helps you build a trust profile with major search engines.

This also plays part in content marketing, and help you to distribute your content in front of new users or visitors.

If you don’t have any reach yet, you may want to consider speaking to your customers or partners. You could combine marketing activity in order to create relevant links.

The way we search now as users is very different from before. In the late 2000’s it was common to search for ‘SEO Services’ however more users are searching with what we call ‘long-tail terms’ such as ‘Is SEO important’ or ‘What is SEO’ all terms that we, as an SEO agency would want to be found under.


Everyone is competing to be at the top-spot, and yes – in some cases the competition is VERY fierce. As more and more users lead a digital life, the greater the importance becomes in order to be found. While your competitors are aiming for one search term, you could going for another, which could be a term that drives more traffic and a higher conversion.


Just being online isn’t enough. You need to be found, and that’s where we can help 😀