PPC Management

Ensure your ad is seen with PPC Management

Pay Per Click advertising allows you pay to be at the top of search engines, such as Google, Bing or Ecosia. Paid advertising also allows you to be seen across other forms of media, such as videos.

Simply put, you choose a keyword, or phrase that is relevant to your visitors and bid against other businesses in order for your ad to be seen.

Full PPC Management

Showcase your product or services to attract new visitors, or re-target those that have visited and then left.

Make Each Click Count

We build high performing ad campaigns, that drive purchases or enquiries.

Ongoing Optimisation

Already running campaigns?
We can audit your existing ads and help manage their performance.

Be seen in a croweded marketplace

Optimised and managed ads, reducing spend while increasing conversions. It’s what we do.

Be seen in a croweded marketplace

Optimised and managed ads, reducing spend while increasing conversions. It’s what we do.

Already have a PPC ad campaign live?

We can review your current ad spend and see how we can ‘squeeze the orange’ in order to help you get the most from your budget.

PPC Management: Looking after your ads, the right way

There are many PPC management companies to choose from. Some of the tings that set KAYBE apart from the rest, incude:

Proactive Management

Regardless of the device your visitor uses, your website will look great every time.

Optimised Content

Content loved by search engines, ensuring you’re found when a customer is looking.

Results Based Decisions

Insights from users interactions allows us to help you get the most from your ad budget.

Want to re-target your website visitors?

Let’s talk about how we can help you build high performing ads, and turn your visitors into paying customers.

Go further with PPC Management

Where SEO is mostly based on text alone, PPC can use images and even short videos to market your product or service to a relevant audience. This is called display advertising.

This is especially helpful when you want to introduce something new to the market or if you want to attract people in a unique way.

Your questions, answered

The PPC management costs depend on the size of your PPC account and campaign. Do you only have one PPC account or do you advertise on more than one platform? Do you want one specific campaign to be managed or are you looking for someone managing your ongoing generic campaigns with a regular reporting? All these questions influence the cost of your PPC management.

We fully understand that you need pricing information before you even consider outsourcing your PPC management. Please reach out to us, and we would love to give you an idea about the costs for your specific requirements.

Paid advertising isn’t all about spending the most to ensure you’re at the top. The content of the ads also plays a huge role in the success of a campaign.

Crafting impactful campaigns starts with deciding how you want to lead with your marketing, for example – do you want to lead with price, or are you offering a unique service that your competitors don’t?

KAYBE have the tools to help ensure you are making the most of your budget, including the ability to test your PPC ads, to see which performs better by both interaction and also conversion.

Did you know that one image can out perform another, even with the same text on both ads? This is why display advertising goes much further than just having ad campaigns running – content is crucial.

When a visitor of your website closes the window to your website before they have got in touch or purchased from you, your ability to influence their decision is hindered.

Using the power of a display advertising network, you can ensure your business stays visible to the user. Ads will appear alongside websites and apps that they interact with, no matter if they search again for a specific keyword that relates to your business or not.

If you didn’t think we can help, you would not be here.

PPC Management is more than just setting up a PPC account and some ads. It’s all about increasing the value you get from the spent money with the search engines. 

We can audit your existing ads and help manage their performance. This includes for example the monitoring of your positive and negative keywords, reporting on your ads and keywords, rewording and improving of your ads. 

PPC management (when done correctly!) is time-consuming. You need to stay on top of your bids and their performance, every day. The impact of not doing this would be a wasted PPC budget, and missed potential with new customer customers and revenue. This is where KAYBE can help if you currently have PPC ads running.

Search engines are the place where most of your potential customers start their research if they look into a new product, service or provider. While SEO and the content on your website pay off long term, PPC can bring you in front of your customer for the keyword you want quickly. It’s all part of how we help you generate leads for your business.

PPC works with the “who bits the most for a key term, comes first” principle and does not depend on your website rating from any algorithm. This means you can focus on a specific niche your competitor is not in yet, or you can get more budget behind your ads than your competitor to be listed on position one.