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High performing content, built around engagement

With everyone consuming information in different ways, offering the right media is key. The rise of podcasts allows people to get stuck into an ongoing audio series, or consume a quick daily download of all they ‘need to know‘ for the day.

If you already have great content, but you don’t see the engagement you wish from your audience, then lead generation from KAYBE can help by building a campaign specifically to distribute your content wider.

Engage With Audiences

Stimulate audiences across multiple different types of content, driving interaction and interest.

Tell Your Story

Craft an emotional connection, building on a compelling story to help you grow your brand.

Get Close

Nurture your customers, introducing solutions at the most optimal point of their buying cycle.

Be heard among your competitors

Gain great digital and offline coverage with content marketing that stimulates great converting conversations.

Be heard among your competitors

Gain great digital and offline coverage with content marketing that stimulates great converting conversations.

Create great content, that truly performs

Go beyond answering the “so what?” Create great, optimised content that works for your customers.

How we deliver as a Content Marketing Agency

Here are some examples of what we offer that we think you’ll love:

White and Blue Papers

Great digital first papers, designed to deliver the right level of detail to your target customers.


Professional and slick webinars, hosted for small audiences through to 3k+ broadcasts.

Engaging Videos

Helping you engage your social audiences by delivering great video content, with a personal appeal.


Complete series of podcasts, recorded, edited, distributed and promoted.

ABM Outreach

Personalised Account Based Marketing outreach to prospective accounts.


Something for the visual learners, offering both static and interactive infographics.

Talk with us about being your Content Marketing Agency

Content goes further than just ‘content’, acting as the gateway to new customers, and engaging existing customers.

Working with a content marketing agency​

Content marketing is more than ‘just content’. It’s a type of marketing introducing and convincing your audience of your services and products without the need to lead with product.

A great example of this is a blog which was written for waste management company, Forge Recycling. Within their blog section, there is an article on How eco friendly is Glastonbury, which is quickly found on page one of Google. This not only drives traffic to their website, but also drive enquiries and helps from an SEO point of view, as they are ranked higher for other key search terms.

A Content Marketing Agency can be your perfect tool to build a continuing, long term pipeline and a great customer retention with returning users, visitors and customers.

Your questions, answered

We try to answer this question for all of our services. The cost of investment could swing either way depending on what the requirements are for each of the businesses we work with.

In an ideal world we would look at your content journey as a whole, and then build out a solution that suited your needs. However, if you are looking for a specific piece of content, then we have detailed the ball-park costs below:

White Papers: Around £3,000.
Blue Papers: Due to the technical nature, these are in the region of £5,000 to £10,000.
Webinars: Typically, around £500 per webinar, depending on the level of involvement. Registration campaigns would be an additional cost.
Videos: Interviewing for a social series would be around £1,000 to £3,000, again this depends on the volume of videos required etc.
Podcast Series: If we were to bulk record, you could expect the costs to be around £1,500 to £3,500.
ABM Outreach: You can read more about the costs associated with ABM here.
Infographics: Around £800 to £1,500.

Feel free to reach out to the creative team, and we can put together a more accurate investment cost that meets your content needs.

People judge brands; users are quick to form an opinion on products and are keen to compare services. This means the first impression needs to exceed every expectation in a bid to keep your audiences’ attention.

A willing formula, often discussed in TED Talks and confirmed by user experience studies, is when you put forward or discuss a compelling story. This is the most engaging way of interacting as it begins to move towards creating an emotional bond with the reader. We help businesses tell their story, showing what they can do, and talk around their solution, we then help bake it into various types of media i.e. videos, infographics etc.

A content audit can help you outline where your content is strong and most compelling; which areas need some more development and copywriting to convert your readers to paying customers and subjects that could be re-worked based on insights in order to give them a new life.

You can start with content marketing on something small, making a low initial investment and then use the results from this to invest into more complex campaigns. If you’re already ahead of the game, and have a full nurture programme, then KAYBE can take a fresh view to ensure users are not getting stuck in the funnel.

Content distribution is key to getting something you’ve worked hard on under the noses of people who are interested in what you’re talking about. There are two key ways of distributing content:

Organic Distribution: This relies on you having an established network to leverage in order to get content shared wider. Organic works well when you are sharing content for consumers/end-users, where the targeting is typically much broader than the profile you would target if you were looking to share content intended for B2B selling.

Paid Distribution: Paid distribution allows for a targeted approach, right down to specific individuals or businesses. Depending on how the campaign is structured, you may want to look at our ABM solution, designed to target specific individuals in businesses. Naturally, the more targeted, the higher the cost. If we are looking at building a campaign for you, we may look at creating a ‘look-a-like’ or ‘looks-like’ target, where we go after individuals who look like a typical customer of your product of service.