ABM Campaign: Reach your target audience

Get your business in front of the right people, at the right time

Inbound marketing through adverts and a great digital presence can drive the reach a wide audience. But what if you have a service or solution specific for one target group? 

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is tailored marketing, targeting a small, very specific audience, defined by your criteria, covering all stages of the marketing and sales funnel.

Reach your audience

Talk directly with, and be seen by your target accounts, ensure your brand is front of their.

Focus on the accounts

Hyper focused, ensuring the right channels drive interaction in order to move prospects down the funnel.

Share your message

We turn your words into different types of content focused on your target accounts.

Structuring Your ABM Campaign

ABM and all the options can come across as a challenge to get to grips with, so have categorised ABM into three main pillars.
We have successfully run activity that reaches out to 1,000+ accounts, so the size of your target accounts and approach is controlled by your budget and ability to support the demand generated.

A Handful

Less than 10 targeted prospects
  • Hyper personalised content
  • Individualised approach by account
  • High value product/solution
  • Runs between 6 to 8 months

ABM Lite

Between 10 and 50 targeted prospects
  • Personalised sector specific content
  • Sector focused approach
  • Accounts who can make quicker decisions
  • Runs for around 8 months


More than 50 targeted prospects
  • Sector or solution specific content
  • Broad approach to all accounts
  • Shortest sales cycles/decision making
  • Runs for up to a year
How could ABM work for your business?

An ABM campaign can help you reap huge reward. The key to success is the strategy, which we can create and deliver with you.

Knowing who to go after...

It sounds obvious to say that in order to see success from ABM Campaigns, you must get your strategy right. The biggest challenge we find comes when asking a business to provide us with their top 100 accounts that they want to engage with.

To help break this down, we start with defining the industry and personas. We work out where your targets “live” in the marketing world i.e. which social channels do they use, which events they attend or which newspaper they read.

The strategy and insight helps us guide content into a way your audience want to consume it such as via video, or leveraging emotional drivers. 

Driving growth in your business with an ABM Campaign

If you are new to ABM, or looking to improve your existing campaign, KAYBE can help you drive measurable results.

Eat, sleep, target, repeat​

After a campaign has been launched, the real work begins. We never just launch an ABM Campaign and then just leave it to run. Tracking results and further tweaking the ABM activity is so important. We strive to improve, taking the learnings to better the end result.

We aim to give you confidence and trust in the campaign. KPIs – like for every other kind of marketing – are the success indications that we work towards.

Your questions, answered

Because of the nature of ABM, each campaign that we build is truly bespoke. In comparison, a website design can easily templated, however with ABM on each occasion we build a bespoke offering.

These costs are indicative of averages from ABM campaigns that we at KAYBE have successfully run, and are purely to give an idea for budgeting purposes. It is worth noting that we can blend ABM campaigns together, running for example 1:1 and 1:Few in parallel, targeting different accounts.

One-To-One ABM (less than 10): between £8,000 and £15,000 per account.
One-To-Few ABM (between 10 and 50 targeted account): £30,000 to £50,000 per campaign, depending on volume and complexity.
One-To-Many ABM (more than 50 targeted accounts): £50,000 to £100,000 per campaign, depending on volume and complexity.

You can read more here about how One-To-Few ABM has grown in popularity.

We can build out an ABM campaign proposal for you, simply call us on 020 3355 7520 or email, hello@kaybe.co.uk

All of our ABM campaign activity is built from scratch, as this is the very purpose of engaging in an ABM strategy from the offset. The volume of accounts that you would look to target, and the style of targeting (i.e. One-To-One ABM, One-To-Few ABM or One-To-Many ABM) will determine the level of detail that we would go into with you, however we have detailed our broad approach below:

  • Define the Strategy: Once you have chosen how many accounts you want to target, along with the types of accounts, then we would look to set out the strategy to disrupt your targets.
  • Build the Profile: Also referred to as persona building, is when we collate everything we know about the account we are looking to target. This could be from job roles, right through to what events they attend.
  • Curate the Content: Build and develop the content in accordance with the appetite of the accounts we are targeting. If you are doing One-To-One then this would involve us creating bespoke content for each account, as opposed to One-To-Few where we would look at personalising one piece of shared content.
  • Start the Campaign: Once we have build the content, along with the supporting digital assets, we then press the go button! Now, it is not as simple as sitting and watching the phone ring… we manage the campaign, making tweaks or changes based on interaction insights that we have learnt.
  • Wash-up/Retrospective: Following the completion of the campaign, we look to review everything that we have delivered with you, and take into consideration anything you would like to see improved if we were to run another campaign with you. This feedback is two-way, we capture your thoughts, along with sharing some of the things we have learnt that you may not have already known about your account. We also built an ROI analysis, so you can see the performance of the ABM activity over time.

ABM may look or feel as something new, but this has been around for some time, in one form or another. You may have tried it in years gone by, but our key question here is ‘did you have access to all the tools and skills that we at KAYBE can supply you with?’

Even if the answer to the above is, yes then could we use the insights of your previous attempt to build something bigger, better and more ‘fool-proof’?

It doesn’t cost anything to speak with us around your requirements. We can sketch some ideas and play them back to you, with no obligation. Why not reach out to us; simply call us on 020 3355 7520 or email, hello@kaybe.co.uk

It sure can! There is nothing stopping you from building a campaign in house. However, some of the areas that we find help us as an agency gain bigger wins than a team in-house include:

  • Ability to think outside the box: While that may sound cliché, we are removed from the business and the general way of thinking or approaching for new business.
  • Access to a wider range of tools: The tools we have access to can provide us greater insights, therefore ability to approach precision.
  • Time and attention: We aren’t time poor, and have the ability to apply continual focus on your campaign and it’s performance, especially once launched.
  • Learnings from other businesses: We see many ABM campaigns, and can apply learnings along with best practice to your campaign, ensuring we add value at every opportunity.