Content Marketing: Can it really power my marketing?

Your first impression will always start with your design, style and branding. The next stage draws attention to your content and ability to deliver something impactful and compelling.
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The ability to produce great content is fuelled by the power, being greater now than ever before, of distributing and delivering the content to the right people, at the right time, to an audience who can span far and wide. When we, as marketers, look at personas, or the target individuals that we want to consume the content, we first look to the preferred type of media, of that the group of people who will be consuming it, for example, info graphics, video, blogs etc.

So the question that stands, if content marketing powers your marketing efforts is not a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. In fairness, it can be both.

In this blog we take a deeper look at the criteria that help you to uplift your current content marketing strategy, and take it to the next level.

Leveraging the lingo of your target audience

No, this may sound simple, but it is something that is often overlooked; independent of the information you want to share with your audience, the most important factor of your content marketing is your tone of voice.

It’s important that you speak your customer’s language. This means, using the words your audience would use. Simply put: if you sell a complex product to a specific, small and highly-qualified audience, they expect you to use technical terms, and language that resonates with them.

The language you use might vary in each lifecycle-stage and in every funnel, it might even vary from campaign to campaign. (Don’t worry if you are unsure what a funnel is – you can read more around lead generation and different funnels, here.)

A set of target personas always helps to ensure your language fits to your target audience for any piece of content you are working on or reviewing. Knowing your customers, and the type of content they consume, such as publications or popular websites can help you steer your content in the direction that they would quickly, and effortlessly adapt to.

Marketing: How users consume content

Expectations and real behaviour of your clients might be different. Usage statistics like the number of page views or video plays are a great proof to identify how your customers consume content, and which is most widely adopted. Creativity is not limited, and should never be seen to be. It’s also possible to combine two or more types of content, to present a written piece, folded into an animation or to create interactive pages.

In content marketing, the sky is the limit.

This leads us into the next important factor of great content that powers up your marketing: The power of storytelling. No matter if you sell to B2B or B2C, at the end you always need to convince a person; and every person loves to hear a story. This is more commonly being referred to as P2P marketing or, person to person.

This might sound a very extravagant example, but why do you think TV series break so many records? Because there is a story behind which is told in a way consumers love. The Big Bang Theory for example is the longest-running multi-camera comedy and Breaking Bad is the highest rated show according to DigitalSpy. Great content leverages this, and the ability to provide emotional appeal, making the content work for itself.

While you might think now that your product or service is not exciting enough to tell a story, we can assure you, you are wrong, and please – feel free to challenge us on this ????

Reach your customers; content syndication to the MAX

Last but not least it’s  important that your content is seen by your audience. No matter how great your content is, nobody will engage with it if you hide it. Content syndication for lead generation, SEO for organic traffic increase or a specific ABM campaign ensure that you get tangible value from your content. We described in one of our former blog posts – Lead Generation: How to get found online?

What can I do to make my content stronger?

Start by talking to KAYBE...

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    Making content enjoyable

    Surely, the ultimate goal is that people share your content. They love it that much that they choose to share it with others, and naturally choose to come to you as a subject matter expert. When thinking about content, take a different approach than you would normally do. It’s not your product or service that brings your content marketing to life. It’s YOUR story.

    Tell your audience about you, about the people behind the scene, about your success, but also about your failures – share best practice and areas people can learn from. That makes your content very natural and automatically brings the attention back to your product without even realising it. This brings your product or service to the centre of your story.

    Natural content, which is fun to read and quench their thirst for knowledge (or curiosity) will be shared far and wide.

    How do I get an idea to power my content marketing?

    Sometimes all you need to do is listen to your audience. Is there a seasonal topic that is talked about independently? Sometimes you can transfer something you enjoy doing in your free time into an experience you can talk about, and sometimes all you need is a fresh pair of eyes (or ears!)

    What we can say for sure is that great content marketing power your efforts and that’s why it’s growing on Marketing Teams’ agendas. Research surveyed by Content Marketing Institute in December 2019, found on shows that 59% of global B2C marketers plan to increase their investment in content marketing in 2020.

    Share of global B2C marketers planning changes to their content marketing budgets between 2019 and 2020

    We at KAYBE can help you to either generate new content from scratch, review and update existing content or help you to see a clear again. Reach out to us, and we can discuss how you can get more from your content marketing, while also improving your reach.

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